Toaster buying skills!
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Now, people are paying more and more attention to the quality of life. Many friends want to buy a household toaster to make bread for breakfast, which is not only hygienic and safe, but also very convenient. So what are the tips for buying a toaster?

Toaster buying skills

Toaster buying skills

1.Look at the brand

Because the production technology of bread machines is relatively mature and the cost of production is relatively low, there are many brands of bread machines on the market at present, including products produced by famous brand manufacturers and products produced by unknown small factories. It is recommended that you buy bread machines produced by relatively well-known companies. Although such bread machines are slightly more expensive, they have advantages that small manufacturers do not have in terms of product quality and after-sales service. Use it more at ease.

2.look at the packaging

The bread maker is a small household electrical product, and some problems may also occur during storage and transportation. Therefore, when we buy a bread machine, don’t forget to check the outer packaging of the bread machine: if there are breaks, tears, water marks or even falls on the outer packaging, do not buy it, because these marks often indicate that the bread machine is in During storage and transportation, there have been some problems affecting the safety of the bread machine in the future. It is recommended that you only buy bread machine products whose outer packaging is intact, properly sealed, and the manufacturer, manufacturer address and contact information, product model, size and other information are clearly marked on the packaging.

3.look at the material

The material of the bread machine is also one of the important criteria for our purchase: the shell is usually imported PP hard plastic, with a smooth surface, no scratches, meticulous workmanship, tight and natural seams, and a natural and reasonable distribution of function keys. The inner container of the bread machine is mainly to observe the thickness. It is recommended that you choose a bread machine with a higher inner thickness (just find a few products to compare), because the higher thickness of the inner container brings more uniform heating , Longer service life and more excellent energy-saving indicators.

4.look at cost performance and brand

At present, bread machine manufacturers are divided into import, joint venture, and domestic production. The price of imported machines is relatively high and it is not recommended for ordinary families to buy; while joint venture brand bread machines are of excellent workmanship and reliable quality, but the prices are mostly over 1,000 yuan The price-performance ratio can only be regarded as medium; the quality and market share of genuine bread machines produced by large domestic manufacturers are already comparable to imported joint venture brands, but most of the prices are only a few hundred yuan.

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