How to use the toaster?
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The toaster is a heating appliance. Its function is to generate enough heat near the bread slices to bake the bread. Make it hot or crispy, and then apply butter or cheese to taste easily.


Principle of toaster operation

The basic principle of any toaster application is simple. The toaster uses infrared radiation to heat slices of bread. When you put in the bread and see the coil turn red, it is the coil that produces infrared radiation, which can gradually dry the surface of the bread and zoom.

How to use the toaster

1. Use the toaster on a flat, clean and fixed surface!

2. Turn on the power, press the "switch" function key, set the "bread color controller" to the "3-4" gear, about 120 seconds after the baking is completed, you can eat.

3. After selecting the degree of baking, put the bread into the slot, press the "switch" function key, you can use any slot to bake a slice of bread.

4. Once the selected baking level is reached, the bread will pop out automatically.

5. During the baking process, press the cancel button to stop baking.

6. If the bread is jammed, please disconnect the power first, and then take out the bread. (Never use metal objects to take out slices of bread when the power is on)

7. "1"-"7" indicate that the baking color of the bread is light to thick.

8. After use, please clean up the scraps.

9. If you need to recycle, you need to wait between 30 seconds to 60 seconds!

Precautions for using toaster

1. Do not put any part of the toaster in water or other liquids;

2. Before using for the first time, please don't put bread slices, let the bread machine work for about two minutes, a certain amount of smoke will come out, this is a normal phenomenon;

3. Do not touch the hot parts inside the bread machine;

4. Please place the toaster out of the reach of children;

5. Only suitable for sliced bread;

6. Do not put in oversized bread or metal objects. This may cause a short circuit;

7. Please do not use it next to flammable fibrous materials such as curtains and clothes to avoid fire;

8. Please do not take out the bread and crumb tray when the toaster is working; (wait until it has cooled down)

9. During use, the surface of the toaster will have a certain degree of heat.

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