Tips for buying a wall breaker!
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Is the wall breaking machine an IQ tax? The name of the wall breaker sounds very tall at first, and its essence is an ultra-high-speed mixer. The ultra-high-speed motor, combined with the extremely high-strength blade, can really break the cell wall. Although our teeth can also break cell walls, the wall-breaking machine is more efficient and the extraction rate can reach more than 90%. The biggest difference between a wall breaker, a soymilk machine, and a juicer is the difference in speed. Don't underestimate this speed. If the speed is low, there will be a lot of residue and a lot of particles will be shot out. The wall breaking machine is very delicate.

Wall breaking machine purchase skills: First of all, the power of the wall breaking machine is generally divided into thermal power and wall breaking (stirring) power. The thermal power is well understood and used to heat the wall breaker. The breaking power determines how fast your wall breaking machine motor can rotate. The wall breaking power is about 1000W. If the power is too large, it will consume a lot of electricity. The second is the speed. The higher the speed, the higher the efficiency. But the higher the speed, the higher the requirements on the blade. Likewise, the price and noise will be higher. Although the speed is higher and the experience is better, whether you are willing to pay twice the price for a 20% increase in speed is a question of cost performance. It is a good choice to choose a wall breaker with 30,000 revolutions per minute or more.

wall breaker

There are generally three materials for the mixing cup, plastic, glass, and stainless steel. The most recommended here is the glass material, which has the highest hardness, which is easy to break. Noise reduction is very important, so we must focus on it! ! The wall breaker is very noisy. Most noise-reducing and wall-breaking machines use compartments and cushions. If you want a better noise reduction effect, you must also do a good job of noise reduction at the connections of the motor, cup cover, cup body, and wall breaker. Before buying, you must ask for noise reduction treatment.

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