How to remove the scale in the electric kettle?
Class: Business

Electric kettle, I believe everyone is very familiar with it. Now summer is here, many friends will use it to boil water. It is very convenient and fast, but you know that after the electric kettle is used for a long time, there will be a lot of dirt on it. There is scale, which is very difficult to remove. Today I will share with you a small coup on how to remove the electric kettle, and what are the precautions when we use the electric kettle? Let's learn together.

I believe that many friends will condense a lot of water every time they boil water. This is in fact very unsafe for convenience and trouble-shooting. When we boil the water, the water will overflow, which makes it easy to be scalded and the boiling water leaks. After it comes out, it will easily cause the wires below to short-circuit, easily cause malfunctions, etc., and sometimes there will be leakage. Therefore, when we boil water, everyone must not the water level is too high, and it will not be higher than the safety line. It's safe, everyone must pay more attention to this.

electric kettle

When we have finished boiling the water, we just put it on to boil the water, then turn on the switch, and then plug in the plug. This is actually very wrong, why? Because the current of the power supply is very large, it will cause an impact on the electric kettle, which is very dangerous. In this way, it can damage the tiny parts in the electric kettle, and make the parts prone to aging, reducing its service life. So everyone must pay attention, we can plug in the plug first, and then turn on the switch of the kettle, which is very safe.

After using the electric kettle for a long time, everyone knows that there is a lot of scale in it, which is very difficult to remove, and everyone thinks that it’s okay if there is too much scale. That is very unhygienic, because the scale contains a lot of heavy metals, and Calcium carbonate, bacteria, etc., so that we drink this kind of water for a long time, it is not good for our health. Next, I will teach you a small coup on how to quickly clean the scale of the kettle. Let's take a look.

In fact, the method is very simple. First, we pour some baking soda in it, then we pour in the vinegar at home, and then add water to boil it, so that after high-temperature cooking, and the baking soda and white vinegar can still It produces a chemical reaction. After the high temperature, it can effectively remove the scale inside, and the effect is very good.