How can the scale in the kettle be quickly cleaned?
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The kettle is a must-have appliance in the home, it can bring great convenience to our lives. However, after using it for a period of time, many people will find that there is a lot of scale in the kettle at home, which greatly affects the appearance. So what can be used to quickly clean the scale in the kettle? Here are some good cleaning methods for everyone.

1. Baking soda

The use of baking soda can effectively remove the scale in the kettle. The specific method is also very simple, that is, prepare a spoon of baking soda, then put it in the container, and add some water to stir until it becomes thick. mixture. Prepare a clean towel and wipe the limescale in the kettle so that the limescale can be completely removed.



In addition to baking soda, lemon can also effectively remove scale. First squeeze the lemon into juice, then take about 3 spoons of lemon juice and pour it into the kettle, add some clean water, mix well and let it stand for about half an hour, wait until the lemonade is fully in contact with the scale, then burn it. Turn it on, and then you will find that the scale in the kettle has disappeared. This method can also bring a natural fragrance to the kettle.

Because scale has the characteristics of poor thermal conductivity, if there is scale in the kettle, it will cause poor heat transfer on the heating surface of the kettle, and cause uneven heating, accelerate the aging of the electrical appliances, and damage the kettle. In severe cases, it may even cause an explosion.

The above is the related content of what can be used to quickly clean the scale in the kettle.