How to use the milk frother
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The milk frother is a machine specialized in making milk froth. The machine adopts the world's advanced technology and uses high-pressure steam to froth milk. The appearance is humanized design, the style is novel and unique, the appearance is beautiful and fashionable, the milk froth is intelligent, the microcomputer control, and the operation is simple. , as long as the button is pressed, the milk will be automatically heated or made into milk foam, the milk foam will be more delicate, rich and long-lasting, making the milk foam more like a creamy taste.

milk frother

How to use the milk frother:

1. Open the lid assembly upwards.

2. Press the cup to pour milk into the cup, the maximum capacity is 260ml, and the maximum water level mark is "MAX". When the amount of milk injected is above "MAX", the milk froth may overflow.

3. Fasten the lid assembly downward, and note that the "▲" must be aligned.

4. Turn on the power, the power indicator light will be on.

5. Press the button once to heat the foaming milk function (the blue light of the indicator light is always on, the stirring ring will continue to stir, and then a fine and dense milk foam will be emitted); press the button twice, the function of heating the milk (the blue light of the indicator light is always on, The stirring ring continues to stir, and it can also make hot milk); press the button three times, the foaming milk function is not heated (the indicator light is flashing blue).

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