How to fix the electric kettle light that does not heat up
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1. The power-on indicator of the electric kettle is also on and does not heat up. First, check whether the electrode of the power plate below is in poor contact with the electrode at the bottom of the kettle, and scrape it with a sharp object. Then again, the switch or the socket contacts on the bottom of the pot are burnt out.

2. The indicator light of the electric kettle does not light up and does not heat up. The reasons for the failure are as follows: 1. The main circuit is blocked. Use a multimeter to check whether the base of the kettle and the power cord are normal. Usually, the base is damp and the contacts are oxidized and corroded, resulting in poor contact. , the power supply fails;

3. Check the switch assembly, mainly to check whether the main power plug of the switch assembly is normal. The switch assembly is in the handle. Due to the constant high temperature, the plastic at the main power plug will melt, and the contacts of the switch will be displaced. The power supply cannot be turned on, resulting in the indicator light not lit and the heating plate without electricity, so it cannot be heated. If necessary, a switch assembly can be replaced;

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If the above is normal, you should check whether the heating plate is normal. Use a multimeter to check the resistance value of the heating plate. If it is infinite or close to zero, it means that the heating plate is broken, and there is no repair value. The plate is integral with the body of the pot.

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