Precautions for the use of toaster
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Everyone knows that the function of the toaster is to bake bread, so what should we pay attention to when using the toaster? Let the electrical appliance manufacturer BNG Xiaobian tell you:

1. Do not put any part of the toaster in water or other liquids;

2. Before the first use, please do not put bread slices, let the bread machine work for about two minutes, there will be a certain amount of smoke coming out, this is a normal phenomenon;

3. Do not touch the hot parts inside the bread machine;


4. Please place the toaster out of the reach of children;

5. Only for flaky bread;

6. Do not put oversized bread or metal objects. This may cause a short circuit;

7. Please do not use it next to flammable fibers such as curtains and clothes to avoid fire;

8. Please do not take out the bread and crumb tray during the working process of the toaster (wait until it cools down);

9. During use, the surface of the toaster will have a certain amount of heat.

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